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Midnight Belton
Midnight Belton

Oftentimes, what some might consider a small incident turns out to be one of life’s most touching, most memorable, significant and life changing experiences. In life, we often learn the most from the smallest of creatures, who teach us by example. Such is the case with Midnight Belton.

Midnight Belton was our 7-year-old, 7 lb little black cat that died of Stage 4 breast cancer in April 2013. Cancer in felines behaves as breast cancer does in women. Our family saw Midnight struggle with Stage 4 breast cancer until her death. We lived Stage 4 breast cancer right along with Midnight. Since our journey with Midnight, we have never been the same.

After the loss of Midnight in 2013, our educational journey began. We realized education was key!

In 2013, the first leg of our educational journey began at Locust Hill, with a seminar geared toward our technologists.

In 2014, we added physicians, physicians in training and all health care professionals. But there was still something missing. We soon realized we were missing the people who needed the information the most…. LAYPEOPLE.

In 2015, the “missing members of the body” were added. Our laypeople joined us. We also added college students since they will become the future caregivers. We are now complete.

Many of Rochester, New York’s Top Breast Cancer Care Specialists from ALL Health Care Systems and Private Practices have joined forces with one common purpose: to educate ALL regardless of education, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religious preferences or health status.


Physicians and Laypersons Educational Associates Greater Rochester, New York Inc. (PLEA of GRNY) was born.

We look forward to seeing you the second Wednesday in October of each year for your Annual Multidisciplinary City Wide Breast Cancer Seminars – Physician Founded for Laypeople in Honor of Laypeople.