Physicians and Laypersons Educational Associates of Greater Rochester, New York (PLEA of GRNY, pronounced “plea of granny”) was born out of the desire to help all gain access to medical knowledge in partnership with medical professionals as equals, regardless.

PLEA of GRNY’s goals are:

  • “to blend” the caring, love, talent, clinical expertise, experience and knowledge, of many of the community’s top Breast Cancer Care Specialists, with no regard for health system affiliation,
  • “to branch out” and not only educate medical professionals in CME accredited seminars, but also educate our laypeople in lay terms, on equal footing and in partnership at those same seminars.

Why donate to PLEA of GRNY?

We believe in Education for All, Regardless.

Too many people are dying because of a lack of knowledge on how their lifestyle, ethnicity, family history, socioeconomic status (SES) and other risk factors affect their DNA.

We must do more than just “look in shock “at the disproportionately high mortality rate (deaths) in certain ethnic groups. We, as physicians, must go out into the community reach out and bring everyone into our educational circles. PLEA of GRNY will make this possible by supporting attendance of all regardless of educational or socioeconomic status (SES).

The goal is to teach and help all seek wisdom and understanding about what it takes to guard and protect their DNA. They will also be kept abreast of treatment options and any research that supports those treatment options (in lay terms).

We practice “individualized educational approaches” which are different for each ethnic group.

We believe laypeople should pay very little, and only if they can afford it. Regardless of an individual’s financial circumstances, we want them with us learning on equal footing and in partnership.

Your donation will:

  • Help narrow the “great divide,” the “great disparity” between the knowledge of health care professionals and laypeople.
  • Help narrow the great disparity in mortality (death rate) among certain ethnic groups, as they participate in these joint educational ventures.
  • Be the difference between life and death for someone you may never know.

Please note that for all contributions over $150.00:

  1. You will be recognized as a Sponsor.
  2. Attendance fees for you and a guest will be waived.
  3. You will receive priority seating (seating is limited).
  4. You will be providing funding for laypeople depending on the level of your contribution above $100.00.

Donations can be made by credit card or check. All checks must be made payable to: Physicians and Laypersons Educational Associates of Greater Rochester, New York Inc. (PLEA of GRNY).


501(c)(3) Non-Profit
EIN: 47-5349590
Make all donations payable to PLEA of GRNY